ICCTA 2022




Keynote Speakers: Prof. Dr. Alois Zoitl, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria; Prof. Dr. Shaoying Liu, Hiroshima Univ, Japan;

Dr. Manfred Mücke, Materials Center Leoben, Austria; Prof. Dr. Barbara Mayer, FH Joanneum, Austria








Excellent Oral Presentation Winners. Congratulations!

Excellent Paper Presentation Winners

Structured-Sparse Recovery Detectors for Large--Scale Differential Space Shift Keying MIMO System
Mustafa Alshawaqfeh, Ammar Gharaibeh and Raed Mesleh
Presenter: Mustafa Alshawaqfeh, German-Jordanian University, Jordan


Analysis of Misclassified Cases in a Metabolic Syndrome Prediction Model
Kyungmin Kim, Hyungseok Shin
Presenter: SE JONG OH, Dankook University, South Korea


Ontology-Based Cognitive Service Discovery & Composition
Hassina Nacer, François Charoy, Samir Youcef
Presenter: Linda OUCHAOU, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumedienne, Algeria


Comparison of a Physically Inspired Agent-Based Model with a Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Kerstin Lenger, Klaus Lichtenegger, Wolfgang Granigg
Presenter: Klaus Lichtenegger, FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Science, Austria


Hessa Ali Alhamad, Mohammad Mahdi Hassan
Presenter: Hessa Ali Alhamad, Master Student, Qassim University, KSA


Exploration of Machine Learning Classification Models Used for Behavioral Biometrics Authentication
Sara Kokal, Laura Pryor, Rushit Dave
Presenter: Sara Kokal, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, USA