ICCTA 2024

ICCTA 2024 keynote speakers:

Sandra Schön, Graz University of Technology, Austria ( Talk: Navigating the Future: Open Educational Resources in Higher Education

Luigi Benedicenti, University of New Brunswick, Canada (Talk: Emotional contagion in open-source software

Bianca Wiesmayr, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria (Talk: Build better software faster: Model-Driven Engineering for Real-Time Control Software of Production Systems

Matthew Harker, École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Canada (Talk: Computational inverse problems in measurement and control

The invited speaker: Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya, Uni. Sains Malaysia (USM) Instructional Multimedia, Malaysia





Excellent Oral Presentation Winners. Congratulations!

Excellent Paper Presentation Winners

Enhancing the Sine Cosine Algorithm with Swap Operator for Team Formation Problem
Authors: Md. Abdul Kader, Kamal Z. Zamli, Ambros Rudolf Mekeng
Presenter: Kamal Z. Zamli, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Image-based Mangifera Indica Pathogen Recognition using Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Maria Jeseca C. Baculo, Floribeth P. Cuison, Nema Rose D. Rivera
Presenter: Maria Jeseca Baculo, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Philippines

Lessons Learned from the Role of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia, with a Focus on Kuwait
Authors: MUNIRA ALASFOOR, GHALIA ALSANEA, LUAY TAHAT, Ahmad Al Ahmad and Tarek Tahat
Presenters: Luay Tahat and Tarek Tahat, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait

Cross-Technology Cloud Offloading Model
Authors: Ahmad Salah Al-Ahmad
Presenter: Ahmad Salah Al-Ahmad, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Management Information Systems, Kuwait

Optimizing User Interaction with MABIS: An Examination of Usability and User Experience in the Mobile Automated Biometric Identification System
Authors: William P. Rey
Presenter: William P. Rey, Mapua University, Philippines

Deep Learning-Assisted Milkfish Fingerling Counting: Towards Automation in Fish Industry Practices
Authors: Christian Jose Sibayan, Charlie S. Marzan, Benjie R. Abando, Justin P. Acosta, Johnico D. Madrelijos
Presenter: Charlie S. Marzan, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Philippines

JointCheck: Development of a Mobile Virtual Assessment Tool for Joint Pains in a Telehealth Application for Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Through Range of Motion
Authors: Mary Jane Samonte, Charles Dustinn Lloyd G. Go, Mico Ruiz D. Linco, Miles Gabriel E. Macabeo
Presenter: Charles Dustinn Lloyd G. Go, Mapua University, Philippines